RDARI IG video conference, charter and next RDA plenary issues

15 May 2018

Hi all,
Now it is time to go forward with the Research Data Archtectures in
Research Institutions IG. It is (RDARI IG) also time to start prepairing
the next RDA Plenary session in Gaborone, Botswana.
In this email:
- Doodle poll for the video conference
- Agenda for the VC
- Charter
- Next plenary and possible RDARI session
# Doodle poll for the video conference
Before the next RDA plenary we should fix the charter and make some
decisions. Therefore it is reasonable to have a one hour video
conference. Here is the link to the Doodle poll to fix suitable date and
time: https://doodle.com/poll/r63c8pcr74ybxyhv
If there is a possiblity and need we can arrange another one on June or
in the autumn.
# Agenda for the VC
Here is the proposal of the agenda:
1. A new version of the IG charter
2. Discussion about research data governance survey
3. Discussion about 12th RDA Plenary session
- case presentations
- lightning talks
- charter
- survey
- future trends
4. AOB
# Charter
Charter of the RDARI IG has not endorsed yet and TAB has commented that
charter proposal requires revision. You can find the TAB comments here:
Before Berlin plenary we prepared the new draft of the charter (thanks
to James). The new version is here:
I hope that we have possibility to make decision to send the new version
of the charter to TAB before end of the June. Therefore I ask you to
evaluate the draft before the VC and send comments and proposals to this
list (***@***.***-groups.org). Of course we will discuss about the
draft within the VC.
# Next plenary and possible RDARI session
Next RDA plenary will be held on 5-8 November 2018 in Gaborone, Botswana
Plenary is the part of the International Data Week 2018.
RDARI IG have to decide if we are going to apply session in the plenary
and that is why we need a draft program.
Here is the preliminary proposal:
- case presentations of the research data infrastructure or architecture
- lightning talks about interesting solutions or technologies
- charter of the IG
- discussion of the survey (which we started in the Berlin)
- future trends of the research data architectures
If you have an interesting research data project or something for the
lightning talk and you like to give a presentation in Gaborone, please
let us know. All succes stories or lessons learned are wellcome.
About survey, I have shortly discussed about this survey with the
BencHEIT taskeforce (http://www.eunis.org/task-forces/benchmarking/)
chairman. They have made something like this earlier. Naturally, BechEIT
is pretty much different case than this which we have discussed, but he
was somehow interested in our case. They are starting next round of
their survey on next autumn and there might be kind of possibilities to
cooperation. But, let's talk about this in VC.
Important dates of the RDA P12 programme:
- Call for Sessions Open: 14 May 2018
- Call for Sessions Close: 29 June 2018
- Notification of Session Acceptance: 7 August 2018
- Final RDA Breakout Session Program Published: 9 August 2018
So, I you have anything you like to comment, ask or suggest, do not
hesitate to send email to the list of the IG (***@***.***-groups.org)
or to me (***@***.***) or co-chair James Wilson
I think we can keep discussion in this list as open as possible and all
members of the group can start a discussion on any subject (of research
data architectures, projects, infrastructures or anything else in the
research institutions :-))
With the best regards,
PS: If you like to act as a co-chair of the group, there is two seats
available :-)
Ville Tenhunen, Team Leader, IT for Science group
puh./tel. +358 294 140 102, +358 50 576 2862

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