RDA TAB review - Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions IG and Berlin session prepairing VC

27 Feb 2018

Hi all!
Lynn Yarmey informed us about RDA TAB review of the IG charter:
"TAB has completed their review of the Research Data Architectures in
Research Institutions IG Charter Statement and requests a few revisions
from you before approving your Group. On the whole, your Group is noted
to focus on an important part of the mission for RDA and the broader
community.  However, TAB would like to see additional clarifications on
connections with other RDA efforts and groups before moving forward. 
Your group page has been updated with this information, and review
details and guidance are available at this link:
So, we have to discuss about this before Berlin and in the Berlin.
Please check the TAB questions frome the web page mentioned above
Another thing, prepairing VC or telco. Doodle gave some answers this
time, but not clearly and unfortunately the time I proposed does not fit
for all of us. Any of those times is, but let's have VC on Monday, 12
March 2018, 16:00:00
Other time zones:
I'll organize Skype meeting little bit later.
Ville Tenhunen, projektipäällikkö / projektchef / project manager
The Project MILDRED: http://blogs.helsinki.fi/mildred/
puh./tel. +358 294 140 102, +358 50 576 2862

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