Minutes of the RDARI IG webconference, some decisions and questions

05 Jun 2018

Hi all,
We had today one hour webconference of the Research Data Architectures
in Research Institutions IG. Please, find the draft of the minutes of
the meeting and if you was involed the meetgin and like to change
something in the minutes, please let me know.
All minutes are in the RDA webpages now:
We made some decisions and proposals:
1. The Charter of the IG. here is the current version of the IG charter:
If there is anything you like to comment, add or remove, please let us
know before 15th June 2018. All comments are welcome via this email list.
If there is not any amendments to the draft, IG will send the current
versio to the TAB and RDA seretariat for the next steps. If there is
some proposals IG will discuss about these in the next VC before end of
the June
2. Joint meeting with the Data fabric IG. We discuss that we should
organize joint VC meeting with the DFIG before RDA P12 to discuss about
different approaches and possibilities to cooperate in the future. Ville
will contact DFIG as soon as possible
3. P12 session. The group decided to prepare the application for session
in the P12 at Gaborone.
Here is the first draft of the session agenda:
- Short recap for the idea behind the RDARI IG
- Case presentations and lightning talks
- Governance survey discussion
- Future trends (moved from the P11 session to this session)
- RDARI IG administrative issues (situation with the IG endorsement and
charter etc.)
Do you have a project, architecture, tecnhical solution or lesson to
learned you like share with other in the group meeting in Gaborone?
If yes, let us know before 21st June and we reserve the slot in the
programme. Presentation could be for example 10-20 minutes long.
Or, do you know the project, architecture, technological idea or
solution you like to hear in Gaborone? If yes, give us a hint.
4. Next VC
We decide to arrange the next VC before the end of this month to discuss
about Gaborone session, DFIG cooperation, survey roadmap, charter
situation and any other things.
I'll arrange Doodle in the near future.
With the best regards,
Ville Tenhunen, @vtenhunen, https://blogs.helsinki.fi/mildred
puh./tel. +358 294 140 102, +358 50 576 2862