Meeting to discuss RDARI (Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions) IG session proposal for 21st RDA Plenary

17 May 2023

Dear RDARIans,
We will be meeting at 9am UTC on Wednesday 31st May to discuss a session submission for the 21st Plenary Meeting of the RDA in Salzburg. We are the Research Data Architectures for Research Institutions IG (
As an Interest Group concerned with architectures of institutional data management services, we have in the past tended to focus on learning from institutions with comparatively generous budgets for staff and infrastructure. The broad theme for the next session will be the challenges facing institutions in the Global South, and how these might be overcome. What innovations are emerging to address the challenges of research data management in low and middle-income countries. And how can international exchange assist in addressing these challenges?
At the meeting on the 31st May, we will be discussing potential speakers, approaches, and questions that would be of interest to IG members. If you would like to contribute to the session proposal, or indeed to the session itself, please do join in!
The meeting link is at:
Collaborative notes for the session will be collected at:
If you would like to participate, but can't attend the meeting, feel free to drop some suggestions into the collaborative notes.
Dr James A J Wilson,
Head of Research Data,
Advanced Research Computing (ARC), UCL