Agenda for P7 Meeting

10 Dec 2015

Hi everyone,

Proposals for meetings at the 7th Plenary [1] are currently being accepted, and we would like to propose a working meeting for the Repository Platforms IG. The goals of this meeting would be to review the draft matrix [2] and related use cases [3] and discuss the possibility of forming a new working group to evaluate existing repository platforms based on the functional requirements outlined in the matrix. Here is a draft agenda for the meeting:

Introductions (10 minutes)
Review of draft matrix and current use cases (40 minutes)
Can we improve the format?
Are the functional requirements accurate based on the use cases?
Are there gaps?
Discussion of potential WG to evaluate repository platforms (30 minutes)
Based on the matrix, can we start to review existing platforms?
What would the outputs be?
What would the scope be?
Summary and next steps (10 minutes)
Please let me know if you have any feedback on the objectives or agenda. Submissions are due by December 18.




David Wilcox
Fedora Product Manager
Skype Name: david.wilcox82

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