Request for Comments: DSA–WDS Common Certification Requirements and Procedures

Dear Colleagues,

The Repository Audit and Certification DSA–WDS Partnership WG is happy to be able to share with its umbrella IG the lastest version of its Catalogue of Common Requirements for Basic Certification, which includes a background, all guidance text, and a glossary. Missing only a 'gentle introduction' to inform candidates on the benefits of certification and encourage them to go through the process (and some potential language tweaks), this document is now thought to be close to completion.

The WG is also pleased to present the first version of its Common Certification Procedures, which outlines the inital certification process agreed by the Data Seal of Approval and the ICSU World Data System to certify both new candidates and their existing communities using the Common Requirements. The Partnership between the two organizations is expected to increasingly strengthen over time, and this document represents the initial stage in forming a framework for (at least) basic certification.

Both of these documents will be discussed during the WG's breakout session (BREAKOUT 6: 15:30 on 24 September) at the upcoming 6th RDA Plenary Meeting and are now open for comments (please use the Comment and Suggesting functions in the Google Docs). The WG very much welcomes your thoughts, and will look to address any feedback in the course of its Plenary session.

Thank you for your attention and for any comments/suggestions that you add to the documents.

Rorie Edmunds
(On behalf of Lesley Rickards & Mary Vardigan, WG Co-chairs)