Request for Comments: Version 0.02 of the TRUST principles for Digital Repository White Paper

16 Sep 2019

     I am pleased to inform you that Version 0.02 of the TRUST principles for Digital Repository White Paper is available for comments and suggestions. While a group of 17 co-authors from various disciplines have made a lot of progress in 5 months, this community-based effort still needs improvements and inputs from additional perspectives. Please share your thoughts at

   and pass the link to who may be interested in the topic. 



The TRUST Principles for Digital Repositories - A White Paper


Keeping data FAIR over time requires a network of trustworthy digital repositories (TDR) to provide an organizational framework, infrastructure, support services, and community-wide adoption of policies and practices. Transparency (T), responsibility (R), user community (U), sustainability (S) and technology (T), defines the TRUST principles. The Version 0.02 of the TRUST principles document has addressed more than 130 public comments on the version 0.01 of the White Paper released on April 4, 2019. While the ultimate goal is to translate TRUST as practical guidelines for preservation of FAIR data objects or any other valuable data in digital repositories, the focus of the revision is to clarify the motivation and improve the definitions for TRUST, to integrate with data preservation perspectives as well as continue to invite comments and suggestions from the community. 


Thank you,

Dawei Lin