06 Jan 2014

Mark.. You asked about a new name for the RDA Recommendations on Data.
Just to stimulate this discussion before you provide the next revision of
the Policy, I've listed a few obvious alteratives below. Since the
documents will address much more than data.. do the following obvious
alternatives generate any reaction from you and the team?
RDA Endorsed Document
RDA Endorsed Result
RDA Endorsed Recommendation
RDA Recommendation
RDA Endorsed Working Group Document
RDA Endorsed Working Group Result
RDA Endorsed Working Group Recommendation
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Thanks Larry.
My thoughts on maintenance are that the approach will need to evolve and
be rather situational.
Currently, the RoD Criteria and Process says that a maintenance plan
should say who does the maintenance: "A demonstrated community interested
in the RoD is especially desirable. Possibilities for a maintenance group
could include an RDA IG, an affiliate organisation, an ad hoc group that
(re)convenes on a periodic schedule (e.g. annually), a new WG, etc.”
We can add to this, but I see this porcess document being maintained by
the Secretariat who can update it as needed without afecting the core
talk to y’all tomorrow,
-m. --
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