Updates prior to next week's OA meeting & plenary 17

07 Apr 2021
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We have an organisational assembly meeting scheduled for next Tuesday April 13th
at 13:00 UTC. As many members outside Europe find this timeslot difficult I want
to share some items of news that we should all be aware of.
Following the call for nominations for a new OAB co-chair, we're pleased to
announce that Shelley Stall will be our new co-chair. Her term of office will
formally begin at the end of this month. I'm sure you will all wish to join me
in congratulating Shelley; I know she'll do an excellent job.
The main item for discussion at our meeting next week will be the work of RDA's
Financial Sustainability Task Force. We'll have a presentation on their work and
conclusions and then extended time for discussion. This topic generated a lot of
comment at our last meeting in March and I intend to restructure our agenda so
that it will be amongst the first items, with most of the routine agenda items
moved to the end or dealt with by email. (The online agenda does not yet reflect
this, but it will be changed soon.) To ensure that those who cannot be at next
week's meeting also get the opportunity to comment we'll circulate relevant
documents either shortly before or shortly after next week's meeting to this
list. I don't know what they will have to say to us, but since OA membership
fees are one of the areas they are looking at I would be surprised if some
change in that area is not amongst their suggestions.
Finally, a reminder that though early-bird registrations for plenary 17 are no
longer available to most attendees, OA members *are* entitled to the early-bird
rates right up until the point that registrations close. This applies to all
staff in an OA member organisation. That's a saving of £100 per person. Do take
advantage if you and your colleagues have not yet registered.
Kevin Ashley. Director, Digital Curation Centre http://www.dcc.ac.uk/
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