OAB February 2015 meeting

Organisational Advisory Board meeting agenda

Thursday 26 February 2015, 9 pm UTC

(4:00 pm- Washington DC, USA, 10:00 pm - Central European Time, Friday 27 February 06:00am - Tokyo, Japan, Friday 27 February 08:00 am - Canberra, Australia))


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Draft minutes

Meeting chair - Walter Stewart

  1. Call to Order (presence list at the bottom)
  2. Roll Call
    • New member: German Data Forum, Thomas Runge
    • 26 Organisational Members and 5 Affiliate Members
  3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting  - to be approved in San Diego
  4. Business Arising from the Minutes.
    • None.
  5. Report from Council and the Secretary General – Mark (Presentation)  - for information and discussion
    • Presentation of RDA mission, structures, numbers, WGs, etc. Slides available here.
    • Issues discussed included:
      • Names of RDA Colloquium (RDAC) members
      • What is the process for reviewing groups and closing them if necessary? (From Fab)
      • Who appointed current council members? And how it is possible to have Council member from countries not in RDAC.(From Fab)
      • Who sets the strategy? There could be a role for council with TAB to take a position and endorse strategic positions. (From Nick)
      • Is choice of plenary locations taken by Council? Yes within a process that’s defined. (From Stefan)
      •  More info about the RDA Foundation should be provided.
  6. The Membership Survey - Initial results - Juan - for information and discussion
    • Juan distributed an initial report on survey results. The survey results will be presented during the San Diego closed meeting. Last call for participation: Wednesday 4th March noon UTC.
    • Action OAB members: Make an effort to fill in the survey by Wednesday 4th March noon UTC
  7. Plenary 5
    1. Strategic Planning Session (3 documents attached below: SPC Draft Agenda, RDA P2 Strategy Notes, RDA Interview Summary and Preface ) - for information and discussion
      • There is a strategic planning session on Saturday 7th in San Diego. Walter, Juan, Amy and Stefan to attend. Any views from OMs to take forward can be emailed to attendees. Output from the day will be reported back to OA on Monday 9th. Main point: How to sustain a voluntary group and process in engagement.
      • Action OAB members: E-mail comments about the Strategic Planning meeting to the co-chairs
    2. OA Panel Discussion – Amy Nurnberger - for discussion and approval
      • Walter: Reminder: two parts. Open and closed meeting. Attract new members. This is for the open meeting. Amy will chair the panel which is about the challenges on data sharing: how RDA help address challenges; how organisations do address them. Views from 3 diverse members:
        Malcolm Wolski (Org perspective), Wolfram Horstmann (Intl’ org LIBER), DANS representative.
  8. Other Business
    • None.
  9. Next Meetings
    • March f2f in San Diego. A doodle for April will be circulated after plenary 5. The usual 1pm and 9pm UTC will be continued.
  10. Termination
    • At 10:10pm UTC.

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  1. Aaron Addison
  2. Amu Nurnberger
  3. Colin Elman
  4. David Baker
  5. Dessi Kirilova
  6. Fabrizio Gagliardi
  7. Fotis Karayannis
  8. Jill Kowalchuk
  9. Juan Bicarregui (Notes)
  10. Kathy Fontaine
  11. Malcom Wolski
  12. Mark Parsons
  13. Nick Jones
  14. Ross Wilkinson
  15. Stefan Kramer
  16. Stephen Wolff
  17. Walter Stewart (chair)
  18. Wolfram Horstmann