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01 Apr 2015
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Dear Mark
This is a fantastic development. It might be good to develop a ‚holistic' program that is also addressing the aspects of long tail data and academic institutions (universities) that can work on multidisciplinary research and education of data specialists (degrees, careers). Happy to expand on this.
Dr. Wolfram Horstmann
- Director / University Librarian
State and University Library Göttingen
Von: Mark Parsons
Datum: Wed, 1 Apr 2015 04:54:11 +0200
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Betreff: [tab][rda-oab] Thoughts on large P8 collaboration?
Hi all,
As part of the ongoing collaboration between RDA, ICSU/WDS, and CODATA, the three organisations are collocating and coordinating RDA Plenary 8 and CODATA/WDS SciDataCon to conduct a major International Data Week in September 2016 (see concept note). It seems likely it will be in Montreal, but if not we will probably go back to Washington DC.
I have been working with Kathy, Hilary and the WDS and CODATA directors to establish a general plan for the meeting. The idea is for the conferences to be independent and to have separate program committees, but for there to be some level of collaboration and to have one overarching organizing committee. The general schedule would be to have SciDataCon Mon-Tue, P8 Thu-Fri, and a joint day or session on the Wed. in the middle. The joint session should highlight joint activities and accomplishments of the three orgs. without being too self-referential. We want to demonstrate impact on key issues and engage more diverse stakeholders than usual.
Please send me any ideas you might have on this joint session or suggestions for the program committee.
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