RDA-OAB new version of Org Membership document

29 Jan 2014
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Dear Colleagues,
Attached is a new version of the OM doc prepared by Fotis, Leif and I. I hope we have addressed all the issues and questions raised at the last meeting.
It also includes a new short section on Affiliates.
Two versions are attached. There is a tracked changes version which is now very cluttered with all the comments and changes that have built up, but is useful if you want to see how we got here, and a clean version where we have removed these.
I suggest that we go forward from here using the clean version as a next starting point for comments and to discuss at the next meeting..
Best regards,
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  • Mustapha Mokrane's picture

    Author: Mustapha Mokrane

    Date: 30 Jan, 2014

    Dear Juan,
    Thank you very much for circulating the document and for the hard work that
    went into it. I see that the Affiliate Organization text was reinstated.
    I have no specific issues to raise but would like to clarify one question.
    In the initial drafts Affiliates Organizations could not vote (Ref: RDA
    Governance Draft v.4.4 (30 September 2013), but In the text provided this
    seems to have been reverted, which is satisfactory as far as I am
    concerned. Can you please confirm this?
    Can you also give me an update or feedback on the draft MoU between RDA and
    ICSU-WDS that was sent earlier?
    I will unfortunately not be able to attend the call of 5 February as it is
    scheduled at 1am local time.
    Best regards.
    *Mustapha Mokrane*, PhD. | Executive Director
    World Data System-International Programme Office
    c/o NICT, 4-2-1 Nukui-kitamachi, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8795, Japan
    Tel: +81 4 2327 6004 Fax: +81 4 2327 6409 Mob:+81 90 5790 4732
    ***@***.***-wds.org |

  • Leif Laaksonen's picture

    Author: Leif Laaksonen

    Date: 30 Jan, 2014

    Dear Mustapha,
    Yes indeed you are right that the Affiliated Membership has been reinstalled into the document. We all think this is important and we are grateful for your comments. You are also right that the current version includes the text that Affiliated Organisations can vote.
    Juan has handled the contacts with the RDA Council so I leave it to him to comment on the MoU.
    Thanks a lot for your active participation.
    — leif

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