August 30th RDA Community Cross-Fertilisation Workshop on Disciplinary Data

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28 Aug 2023
Groups audience: 

The Digital Repository of Ireland is hosting an upcoming RDA community cross-fertilisation workshop focused on disciplinary research needs at 10:00 UTC on August 30th.

Participating groups include Linguistics, Biodiversity, and Life Sciences with a roundtable discussion from RDA/EOSC Future Domain Ambassadors in the above research fields as well as Materials Sciences and Engineering, Social Sciences, and Ethics and Law. We're looking forward to a lively discussion! 
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This thematic workshop also aims to bring RDA’s findings in EOSC Future to RDA groups (WG, IG, CoP) and the wider RDM community to:

  • Discuss the unique short-term issues facing the Disciplines in their engagement with Open Science over the next two years. 

  • Discuss the challenges and possible solutions.

  • Share initiatives and knowledge of communities for collaboration. 

  • Identify a shortlist of concrete actions for the RDA community.

  • Direct the future of the RDA community and feed into our long-term strategy

Main findings from this event will be summarised and published online. 

Hope to see you there!