Needs assesment of researchers for the ELKH Data Repository Project closed

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16 Jun 2022
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The main objective of the ELKH Data Repository Project is to create a data repository based on the service already provided by CONCORDA, but reaching a wider research community. In order to tailor the services as much as possible to the needs of researchers, a complex qualitative and quantitative survey was carried out to map the knowledge, experience, and needs of ELKH researchers in relation to data management. The aim was to reach researchers and research teams from all institutions in the ELKH research network through primary data collection - online questionnaires and interviews. The online questionnaire was completed in 17 institutions and information was collected on the data management practices of 129 researchers and research teams. The 52 interview respondents also represent 17 institutions, from all fields of scientific disciplines.

To find out more about the result of the survey please visit the news section of the ELKH Data Repository Project website.