RDA Europe Synchronisation Assembly 10 Sept 2015


9:00              Review Agenda (Juan and Leif)

9:10              Introductions

  • Tour de table: introductions, hopes and fears for the meeting

9:30              Knowledge sharing

  • Summary of support provided RDA Europe 1, 2 and 3 projects (Leif, Hilary and Peter)
  • RDA EU Parliament Event, 2015/16 (Hilary)
  • Other current activities, initiatives, events, plans, policy issues (All)

10:15            Break

10:45            Creating a broad RDA initiative in Europe with the support from the RDA Europe project

                     Q. Do the RDA Global processes work effectively for Europe?

  • Are BoFs, IGs, WGs and Plenaries the right mechanisms for European participation? Anything missing?
  • How should RDA support increase and improve the adoption of outputs?
  • What happens after a WG finishes?
  • How can we broaden the impact of RDA in Europe?

 Discussion (All) introduced by:

  • View from TAB (Jamie/Rainer)
  • View from OAB (Leif/Wolfram)
  • View from Council (John)
  • View from IGs & WGs (Ester/Helen/Daan)

12:00 Lunch

13:00            Establishing European priorities for RDA.

                    Discussion (all)

  • What should be put forward as the European contribution to deliver them?
  • What can be included in RDA Europe projects 2 & 3?

14:00            Developing plans for what future RDA Europe projects should do to support the RDA (global) activities.

  • Presentation of workplan item (Carlos)
  • Discussion (all)

14:45            Sum up and planning (Juan/Leif)

15:00 Close


Materials from the meeting are available at: https://www.rd-alliance.org/sycassembly-meeting-september10th-2015