Open Bid For Hosting RDA WG Chairs Meeting In Europe May/June 2016

19 Oct 2015

Dear All,

Peter Wittenburg asked me to forward this also to the SyA members. In case you want more information please consult Peter directly (

Original mail from Peter with small pruning:


Dear All,

The next WG chairs meeting will be in December in Gaithersburg (US) and the meeting after that should be in Europe. These are in general meetings with about 20 people.
The last EU meeting was held in Karlsruhe at KIT – the institution of Doris (member of council). The first meeting was held at MPCDF.

We are looking now for volunteers who would like to organise the meeting in May/June 2016. There are no extra funds, i.e. as in the cases of MPCDF, NIST and KIT the host institutions take over the costs for rooms and some catering.

So please let me know until Mid November (13.11) whether you would like to host such a WG chairs meeting which would allow us to announce place and time at the meeting in Gaithersburg. As a rule we should support moving to other places in EU although we were of course very grateful to MPCDF and KIT to host the first meetings.




— leif

Re: [Synchronisation-Assembly] Open Bid For Hosting RDA WG Chairs Meeting In Europe May/June...

I would support EIROFORUM locations


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Date: 20 Oct, 2015

Dear Peter and all,

CERN would be happy to host such a meeting.

(Maybe other EIROForum institutes would be willing to do so in future years which would help provide more geographical coverage).

Cheers, Jamie