Next SyA Meeting Suggested For Wednesday 4th May 2016 @ 13:00 CEST

09 Mar 2016

My apologies for the re-post but we had some technical problems!

Dear All,

Our apologies for the silence after the previous meeting in Paris last September. However, I can comfort you by telling that we have all be very busy. This is also now a perfect time to come together to summarise the knowledge and output from the RDA Plenary 7 in Tokyo.

After a thorough discussion we concluded with the suggestion to keep the next SyA meeting on Wednesday 4th May @ 13:00 CEST and as a videoconference. It was very difficult to find an event the SyA could “piggyback” upon. We know that this time will not work with everybody, for which we apologise.

Please reserve the Wednesday 4th May @ 13:00 CEST in your calendar.

We will return asap with the information about the wiki space for the meeting to start to prepare for the meeting agenda. However, we already have some things to discuss:

* The RDA future document
* The Recommendations from the RDA Plenary 7
* Collected experience from Co-Chairing a RDA WG/IG
* Information from the Commission (DG CONNECT/RTD)
* European Open Science Cloud/Commission Communication on Cloud

Please feel free to suggest more agenda items.

Best wishes,

— Leif & Juan

Dear Leif and Juan,

May I suggest adding a point:

* An overview of all RDA Europe / RDA European countries activities in “2016”
* i.e. those that have taken place since the last SyA and those foreseen for the coming 6 months of so

Probably, as last time, feedback & concerns from the members should also be included.

Cheers, Jamie