RDA-Nordic webinar: standards and best practice recommendations for software repositories

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08 Oct 2021
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The Danish and Swedish RDA nodes decided have started a webinar series to bring outputs and the good work from RDA to the Nordics. Our main goal is to improve research and increase the network by inviting RDA groups to present their work.

Choosing the right repository for your data or software is hard. The RDA working group FAIRsharing Registry: Connecting data policies, standards and databases RDA WG is working on providing users with recommendations on how to discover, select and use resources, and producers to make their resource more discoverable and cited. Since software has some special properties we are trying in the webinar to connect the work of the FAIRsharing WG to the FAIR for Research software WG to start a discussion on what has been and needs to be done in regards to sharing and reusing software. We will also take a look at how you can give your software a persistent identifier that lives up to the needs of software seen as a living digital object.


Invited speakers are:
Allyson Lister (University of Oxford, RDA/Force11 FAIRsharing WG)
Morane Gruenpeter (INRIA)
Malin Sandström (INCF)


As a starting point we have decided to begin our webinar series with the topic of FAIR research software. How to make software FAIR and how to store it is in certain aspects heavily overlapping with the FAIR data principles in others unique definitions and practices are necessary. In the first webinar we focused on the basic differences between data and software, outputs of the RDA FAIR4RS working group and the experiences within the Nordic Region. The second webinar will have a focus on repositories in general and what specifications need to be considered for software.

The topics of the upcoming webinars will be influenced by the participants.