Workshop 7 June: Leveraging the COVID-19 response towards advancing data interoperability

07 May 2021

Dear COVID-19 Working Group Members,

The European Commission and the Portuguese presidency are organising a workshop with the title: “Riding the Next Wave of Research Data: Leveraging the COVID-19 response towards advancing data interoperability”.

This workshop aims to bring together leading international experts in molecular biology of viruses, immunology and research data management, to showcase the progress that the scientific community has achieved in data exchange tackling the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and discuss the importance of enabling interoperability frameworks for scientific data. 

The event will be held in Lisbon, on 7th June 2021 10h30-16h30 CEST, at the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC), Avenida do Brasil, 101, 1700-066 Lisbon. This will be a hybrid event with the possibility of participation in person or by videoconference.

Please note that all details and registration may be found at

The complete text and invitation letter are attached to this post.

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