Epidemiologists needed to review the COVID-19 Epidemiology and Monitoring Ontology (CEMO)

21 Jun 2021
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Dear all,
Some researchers in the biomedical domain, knowledge representation, AI and FAIR domains have developed a first version of the COVID-19 Epidemiology and Monitoring Ontology (CEMO) and we need epidemiologists to review it. Attached, I am sending a PDF for epidemiologists that describes the structure of CEMO with some screenshots from Protégé, and contains the link to the list of manually curated epidemiological quantitative parameters (about 140 terms). Please, if you know some epidemiologist(s) that could review the terms, its descriptions and the structure of the ontology don't hesitate to share this PDF. We would really appreciate it!
Kind regards,
Núria Queralt Rosinach | Biomedical Informatics Researcher, PhD
Biomedical Informatics Researcher, PhD

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