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19 Oct 2014

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Call for Papers: Special Issue of JMGL on Geospatial Data Management,
Curation, and Preservation
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The peer-reviewed Journal of Map & Geography Libraries (JMGL) is
inviting submissions for a special issue on geospatial data
management, curation, and preservation.
Geospatial data are valuable resources and must be managed, curated,
and preserved to ensure that they can be used and will be useful for a
variety of purposes in the future. Articles are invited for this
special issue of JMGL that report on current research and development
efforts and build on previous work relevant to the management,
curation, and preservation of digital geospatial information.
Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
Policies, strategies, frameworks, or approaches for fostering
current and future use of geospatial data;
Rights and confidentiality issues for geospatial data dissemination;
Provenance, persistent identifiers, versioning, interfaces, or
workflow for geospatial data stewardship;
Issues in active archiving and long-term archiving of geospatial data;
Geospatial data stewardship roles of stakeholder organizations,
partners, or collaborators;
Developing and deploying standards, infrastructure, tools, or
services for geospatial data management.
Detailed submission guidelines can be found at the
http://explore.tandfonline.com/cfp/bes/jmgl-geospatial-data-cfp URL.
Interested authors should send an initial abstract of less than 500
words, by November 15, 2014, to Dr. Robert R. Downs, the Guest Editor,
at ***@***.***.
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