Work package 1: Requirements


Continue to collect use cases for interaction with the proposed catalog including both human access/interaction and machine access/interaction.

Analyze these (using the MIG template presented at RDA Plenary 6) for intersections and synergies leading to a definition of the requirements and technical specification for the catalog.


January – July 2016

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Work package 2: Development


Do initial design and development of the Catalog system prototype based on already collected use cases, defined requirements and technical specifications.

Populate prototype system with sample records describing metadata standards and their relationships to organisations, persons, software, datasets, etc.

Refine prototype towards production status, taking into account late-arriving use cases and conversation with other RDA Groups (especially domain groups).

Identify potential adopters of the Catalog system.


July 2016 – January 2017

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Prototype Catalog

Production Catalog

Work package 3: Evaluation


Evaluate the catalog against requirements and technical specifications with and by application domain communities of RDA and other potential adopters.

Validate the Catalog mechanisms for directing users to metadata standard(s) appropriate to their purposes.


January – July 2017

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Evaluation of the prototype Catalog against the Requirements Specification is being tracked on the GitHub issue tracker.

Work package 4: Cataloging


Input standards to the catalog “as they are”.

Establish a priority list of standards in consultation with domain communities of RDA and other potential adopters.

Map a priority list of standards to/from metadata packages defined by the Metadata Interest Group, and add these mappings to the Catalog.


May – July 2017

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  • The starting point is the set of records migrated from the Metadata Standards Directory

Work package 5: Engagement and dissemination


Hold group meetings at RDA Plenaries.

Report on outcomes at Plenary 10.

Produce final report as recommendation output.


January 2016 – July 2017

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