What do you want from the Metadata Standards Catalog?

21 Mar 2016

Over the next few months, we have to decide what functionality the Metadata Standards Catalog will support. We already have some ideas, as you can see in our Case Statement, but we want to hear your ideas and what your priorities are.

We would like you to give us user stories that describe how you would want to interact with the Catalog. They don't have to be very detailed; in fact, the ideal user story is a single sentence – something like "As a (data aggregator) I would like (to get an alert each time a new version of a standard is released) so (I can check my crosswalks still work)." The key elements to include are the point of view you are taking, the interaction you would like to have, and (unless it is obvious) the benefit you would gain.

We are collecting the user stories in a Google Doc. We have already put in the user stories we postponed from the Metadata Standards Directory, but we are sure you could add something we haven't thought of. Simply add your user story to the end of the list using the template at the top. You are also welcome to comment on the priority you think we should give each of the user stories.

If for some reason you don't get on with the Google Doc, you can post your user story to the mailing list and we'll copy it over.

Please contribute your user story by April 18, 2016.

Many thanks,

Alex Ball
Keith Jeffery
Rebecca Koskela