Webinar Announcement: “Making Data Discoverable through Publishing Structured Metadata on the Web”

18 Oct 2022

Please join us on Oct 25 at 20:00 UTC for the webinar titled “Making Data Discoverable through Publishing Structured Metadata on the Web” hosted by the @RDA_US and presented by the RDA Research Metadata Schemas Working Group. The group has produced, and will present, its nine recommendations for publishing structured metadata on the web. The nine recommendations cover the whole process of publishing structured metadata, tools that can help the process, and the community engagement for sharing and contributing to common practices. The working group has also collected and aligned crosswalks from 15 source research metadata schemas to Schema.org. The collection of the crosswalks can serve as a reference for data repositories when they develop their crosswalks, as well as an indication of semantic interoperability among the schemas. Register at http://bit.ly/MetadataOct

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We hope to see you next week at the webinar!  Thank you.

All the best,

Yolanda, on behalf of RDA-US and the RDA Secretariat