Last chance: what do you want from the Metadata Standards Catalog?

18 Apr 2016

Today is the last day for letting us know how you would want to use the
Metadata Standards Catalog, and what you would expect it to do.
Back in March, we asked you to provide *user stories*: short,
one-sentence descriptions of how someone, in a particular role, might
use the catalog, and why. So far we have received 21 of these user
stories, which is fantastic. They will be invaluable as we work out what
functionality the catalog will support and how we can achieve that, so
thank you very much for those.
If you intended to contribute a user story but haven't, or if you have
thought of another user story since, today is the deadline so please [go
to our Google Doc]( and write it there.
Alternatively, you can email it back to this list.
We really do value your input into the process: you are helping us make
the catalog the most useful it can be.
Many thanks,
Alex Ball
Keith Jeffery
Rebecca Koskela
Alex Ball
Research Data Librarian
University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY, UK
T: +44 1225 383668