Building metadata standards within Engineering disciplines and communities

02 Oct 2020

Dear Metadata IG and Metadata Standards Catalog WG members,

The Research Data Management in Engineering (RDMinEng) Interest Group is running a series of seminars that will be of interest to metadata folks. If you haven't already seen it on the Metadata IG Events page, I would particularly like to draw your attention to the seminar being held on 2020-10-09 13:30 UTC, ‘Building metadata standards within Engineering disciplines and communities’.

I will be speaking at the seminar on the work of the Metadata Interest Group, focusing on the Metadata Element Set we are developing.

Also speaking is August Wierling, who will be talking about how the EERAdata project is advancing metadata standards for low carbon energy research.

Full details and the link to register are available from the event page.

Best wishes,

Alex Ball
Co-chair, Metadata IG and Metadata Standards Catalog WG