Invitation to Data Granularity Task Force session at RDA P15

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12 Feb 2020
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Dear All,


Apologies for cross-posting.


The Data Granularity Task Force, which was initiated through the Data Discovery Paradigms Interest Group, is having a BoF session on “User perspectives, data citation and data versioning” during the RDA P15 Breakout 6, Thursday March 19th @ 16:30 - 18:00 (you can check the full programme of the plenary here).


The main agenda of the session is twofold; (a) initiate a discussion with all relevant stakeholders (data users, data providers, data repositories) on data citation and data versioning within the context of  data granularity and modifications on data content / structure, and (b) initiate a collaborative study on descriptions of data granularity from the user perspective.


Of particular interest to this session are any existing activities, outcomes or discussions that are relevant to granularity - especially within the context of data citation and data discovery. We will be very happy to have you join our session and participate in the discussion, so that the perspective of this group is heard and taken into consideration. Of course, we are also very open to the idea of including short lightning talks (~5’) that present such activities, in order to facilitate the discussion - if interested, please contact Fotis Psomopoulos ( directly in order to add this to the session agenda.


Looking forward to seeing you all in Melbourne!


Kind regards,


Fotis, Mingfang, SiriJodha, Mark, Anna, Leyla