Fwd: [rda-metadata-ig] Survey to select priorities of each RDA Metadata Element

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26 May 2020
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I responded to John Graybeal but didn't copy all the members of the IG.
For those who are not familiar with how we arrived at the current list of
high-level elements, here is what I shared with John
There really isn't a single document. I'll try to provide some history -
the helpful people in the RDA Secretariat changed the web pages for the
groups so
it's not as easy to find material from prior RDA plenary meetings. Existing
material was moved around without the assistance of the IG. The best place
look for older material is in the repository (
This effort started out with the metadata principles - these are listed on
the MIG web page (https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/metadata-ig.html) but
you'll have to scroll down a bit. We gathered use cases from various
domains/projects. These are in the repository - there are 3 pages so best
to start with page 3 (https://bit.ly/3d68jES) for the use case template
and use cases submitted. From the use cases submitted, we looked for a set
of common elements.
The notes from the P4 meeting are a good place to start (
https://www.rd-alliance.org/metadata-p4-amsterdam). The
MetadataGroupsPositionandPlans-Elements-Linkages.pptx from P6 (
https://www.rd-alliance.org/metadata-p6-paris.html) is also helpful to
understand the directions.
Each element has its own google doc so that members can comment on them -
that's the list at the beginning of the survey and it's also on the MIG
main page.
Take a look at these and then let me know what else would be helpful.
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