RDA FAIRsharing WG output and adoption: FAIRer Resources for FAIRer Data

03 Apr 2019

Dear RDA colleagues,
Today, in an open access /Nature Biotechnology/ article, *69 authors*
have come together as a community, representing the core *adopters*,
*advisory board members*, and/or key *collaborators* of FAIRsharing
(https://fairsharing.org), a resource launched in 2011 and matured under
the guidance of the *joint Force11 and RDA WG* and it international
userbase community.
The article presents the mission and work of FAIRsharing, and shows the
role it plays in informing and educating each group to maximize the
visibility and adoption of _standards_, _databases_ and _repositories_
within their community and in _data policies_.
*OA CC-BY Article*: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41587-019-0080-8
*Full List of Authors*:
.They are a diverse set of stakeholders-representing academia, industry,
funding agencies (e.g. Wellcome Trust, NIH), standards organizations
(e.g. ISO, NIST, COMBINE), governmental institutions (e.g. USA Food and
Drug Administration), organizations (CODATA, DataCite, Jisc, GO-FAIR,
FAO), pharmas (Pistoia Alliance), research and data centres (GBIF, EBI,
NBDC), infrastructure providers (part of ELIXIR, NIH Commons, EOSC
projects) and major scholarly publishers and journals (Springer Nature,
Wiley, F1000, PloS, Oxford University Press, Elsevier, BMC, GigaScience,
EMBO Press, BMJ, Taylor and Francis, Hindawi, Oxford University Press).
*Join the FAIRsharing community:* https://fairsharing.org/communities
and/or our *RDA FAIRsharing WG:*
on behalf of the RDA FAIRsharing WG chairs and the authors.
Prof. Susanna-Assunta Sansone, PhD
Associate Director, Oxford e-Research Centre
Associate Professor, Dep of Engineering Science
University of Oxford, UK
ORCiD: 0000-0001-5306-5690
skype: susanna-a.sansone
twitter: @SusannaASansone