Metadata IG Sessions at RDA P11 in Berlin

16 Mar 2018

Here are the Metadata IG sessions at RDA P11 in Berlin. We invite you to
participate in these sessions. If you are unable to attend in person, the
remote participation information for GoToMeeting is included.
Rebecca Koskela, Keith Jeffery, Alex Ball
*Joint Meeting: IG Metadata, IG Data in Context, WG Metadata Standards
Wednesday March 21 Breakout 2 – 14:30 – 16:00
Room A08 – Remote Participation
*Meeting objectives*
1. Present the Metadata Standards Catalog and encourage further
2. Promote discussion of the proposed metadata element set;
3. Promote discussion and propose a process for
· collecting domain vocabularies;
· matching and mapping vocabularies;
· establishing a canonical vocabulary to assist interoperation by
crosswalks to the domain vocabularies;
· contextual metadata used for assessing relevance and quality of the
described asset for the purpose of the end-user;
4. Ensure coordination among the metadata groups and representatives of
domain (subject area) groups and other infrastructure groups attending.
*Meeting agenda*
1. Introduction and purpose
2. Metadata Standards Catalog (20 min)
· Presentation
· Request for further contributions for the Metadata Standards Catalog
3. Metadata element set (10 min)
· Presentation
· Discussion
4. Vocabularies Process (45 min)
· Marine: Helen Glaves (British Geological Survey)
· Social Science: Darren Bell (UKDA)
· Wheat: Windpouire-Esther Dzale-Yeumo (INRA)
· Vocabularies process discussion
5. Closing, pointing to metadata resources on RDA website (10 min)
*Joint Meeting: IG Metadata, WG Data Type Registries 1&2*
Friday March 23 Breakout 8 – 11:00 – 12:30
Room A01 – Remote Participation
*Meeting objectives*
There are currently two efforts underway to work with standards bodies.
A W3C/RDA Collaboration discussion led by Phil Archer was held at the
Chairs meeting in Göteborg in June. The purpose of the discussion was (a)
to make sure RDA group chairs know of the activity planned for
W3C DXWG (Data Exchange Working Group) that plans to improve DCAT in among
work on metadata standards for data exchange generally; (b) to encourage
participation from RDA group chairs in this activity with the aim of closer
cooperation between W3C and RDA. The W3C wishes to improve / enrich DCAT as one of its recommendations.
The data typing effort that has been part of multiple WGs since the start
of RDA was taken up by an ISO working group led by Giridhar Manepalli of
CNRI. The part of ISO (the part that looks after metadata) considering it
is also the part that looks after ISO 11179, the enormous and well-known to
some meta meta standard. At a recently concluded ISO meeting in Denver the
decision was taken to start a new series of metadata groups with Data Type
Registries as a prominent use case for one of those groups, as yet unnamed.
This led to discussion inside this part of ISO about ways to work with RDA
and to smooth the path to ISO standardization for those RDA groups and
recommendations that wanted to go in that direction, starting with these
new metadata groups. The convener of the relevant ISO group is asking for
advice on how to do this.
Is RDA, as a voluntary community-driven and-consensus based organization,
the right forum to push for non-proprietary open standards?
*Meeting agenda*
1. Introduction and purpose
2. Metadata IG work with W3C
3. DTR WG work with ISO
4. Discussion
5. Summary of discussion
6. Next steps
​Rebecca Koskela

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