Submission for P8 (Denver): 10 ways to support data diversity and the long tail of research data

30 May 2016



Dear All, 

Please find below the submission for P8 in Denver, 11-16 September 2016. 

"10 ways to support data diversity and the long tail of research data"

Specifically, please see the invitation to join the authoring team. 




Information about the group

The Interest Group "Long Tail of Research data" focuses on the situation that the majority of research data are coming from massively distributed and diverse disciplines, projects and researchers and, thus, that 'big' research data solutions usually miss the majority of excellent research. The IG held meetings at each plenary since P2 in Washington and is with 186 (29 May 2016) one of the largest groups in RDA. The main objective is to provide an exchange forum and fuel related activities such as the Libraries for Research Data IG and the Repository Platforms IG.


Meeting objectives

The values underlying research data management and RDM policies are almost always inclusive and participatory. With respect to the “Long Tail of Research Data” discussions often confuse the concepts of big data, big science, research excellence, data diversity, and the long tail. It has been shown across many fields that the work of ‘big’ science is often based on the long-tail of research data. Neuroscience researchers, for example, stated in a Nature publication that long-tail data is an essential prerequisite for producing excellent research ( 


Objective of the session

 The P8 session of the RDA Interest Group “Long Tail of Research Data” will focus on preparing a communication with the working title: “10 ways to support data diversity and the long tail of research data“. The paper will describe the current landscape, clarify the contribution of diverse data and the long tail to research excellence, and address common misunderstandings.

It is planned to circulate a draft paper in advance of P8 to the Interest Group. The session itself will focus on the critical debate of the draft and the preparation of the final draft during the session that shall be published directly after P8. The discussion will be organized as a "speakers corner" inviting spontaneous and prepared contributions to the debate.


Meeting agenda

  • Introducing the Long-Tail IG: 10 minutes (Kathleen Shearer)
  • Policy context: 10 minutes (Wolfram Horstmann)
  • Presentation of Discussion Paper: 10 minutes (Authoring Team)
  • Speakers Corner: 45 minutes (All, please cue up)
  • Preparation of publication: 15 minutes (Authoring Team)


Target audiences are subject specialists, data managers and policy makers that can contribute to the policy paper.

It is expected to read the policy paper in advance and think of possible statements in the speakers corner (max 5 minutes): a list is going to be prepared at the meeting.

Volunteers for the authoring team in the drafting phase are invited to contact the chairs by 30 June 2016.  


Group chair serving as contact person

Wolfram Horstmann


Preference to avoid conflicting schedule with the following WG/IG meetings. 

  • WG Data Citation
  • IG Libraries for Research Data
  • IG Repository Platforms for Research Data


Estimate of the required room capacity



Type of meeting 

Working meeting