RDA DENVER Long Tail Meeting: Friday 16 SEP, 11am, SPRUCE Room

15 Sep 2016

Dear All,

The long tail data meeting tomorrow will be dedicated to discuss the paper „10 ways to support data diversity and the long tail“.

Current draft: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TL2VbuIs8mHDT4MZyK3jqkdSP7cL9O7GbMbapu_9CNQ/edit

After briefly presenting the paper, the „Speakers Corner“ will provide opportunties for contributing short and sharp 2-3min. statements.

Statements do not have to be prepared (and slides are not allowed). We already have announced statements from:

  • DataOne
  • Zenodo
  • OpenAIRE
  • European e-Infrastructure
  • Portage
  • ANDS
  • ...

Full Meeting agenda

•    Introducing the Long-Tail IG: 10 minutes

•    Policy context: 10 minutes

•    Presentation of Discussion Paper: 10 minutes

•    Speakers Corner: 45 minutes (All, please cue up)

•    Preparation of publication: 15 minutes


See you tomorrow!