Please contribute: "10 ways to support the long tail"

11 Aug 2016

Dear Members oft he Interest Group „The Long Tail of Research Data“,

As announced earlier, we will discuss a paper „10 ways to support data diversity and the long tail“ at the plenary in Denver.

An initial group (Wolfram Horstmann, Amy Nurnberger, Kathleen Shearer, Malcolm Wolski) has produced a conceptual draft. 

We would like to ask you specifically to have a look and to add good practice examples in the appendix by 1. September.

Please feel also invited to comment on the introductory text and edit as necessary.

We will then discuss the final draft of the document at the plenary in Denver.

Your names are mentioned in the acknowledgements.

The document can be found here:

All the best

Wolfram Horstmann