San Diego Proposal: Data Policies

12 Dec 2014
Dear members of the RDA group "Libraries for Research Data“
By 15 December we are required to submit the session proposal for the San Diego meeting. 
Among the chairs (Kathleen, Michael and I) we have discussed a possible theme and we would like to suggest:
"Successful Research Data Policies“
  1. Review examples of research data policies
  2. Broadly categorize: institutional, preservation, project policies etc. 
  3. Extract best practices: who to involve? what to consider?
  4. Analyze the role of libraries in policy development: driver vs. contributor
  5. Preparation of Working Group or report: "How To Support Research Data Policies through Libraries“
Objective of the session is to exchange experiences and develop guidance for how libraries can support the development of successful research data policies. It is intended to build a working group or produce another brief document similar to the former sessions in Dublin and Amsterdam:
Additionally, we will further discuss the process of building a proper Interest Group, how it relates to other IG’s and WG’s in RDA and how to spawn Working Groups with a clear assignment.  
Please send us your comments by 15 December, 6pm GMT
Best Wishes
Your Co-Chairs of the RDA Group „Libraries for Research Data“
Wolfram Horstmann
Kathleen Shearer
Michael Witt