Amsterdam Agenda and Call for Lightning Talks "How to establish research data solutions in libraries“

18 Sep 2014
Dear All
Here comes the Amsterdam agenda and a call for lightning talks — your input is needed!
We also compiled a draft How-To on the basis of our last session on skills in Dublin that will be discussed at the meeting: DRAFT: How to maximize research data skills in libraries.docx
Tuesday, 23 September 2014, 11:30-13:00h is the slot of our session:
= Agenda =
11:30 Welcome and session objectives (Wolfram Horstmann, Kathleen Sheerer, Michael Witt)
11:35 Recap of the last session in Dublin: How to enhance research skills in libraries (Birgit Schmidt)
11:45 Lightning Talks (5 mins): How to establish research data solutions in libraries (You — see below)
12:30 Report preparation: How to establish research data solutions in libraries (All)
12:45 Plans for transforming the BoF in an Interest Group (Michael Witt)
= Call for Lightning Talks =
As last time, when we were addressing the topic of „skills“, we picked a theme again:  "How to establish research data solutions in libraries“. Objective is to collect practical, real-world (!) examples and on the basis of the discussion compile a brief How-To that can be publicly shared in the community. The practical, real-world (!) examples will be based on lightning talks that should be no more than 5 minutes and address one or more of the following questions relating to your research data support solution in your library: 
  1. Which service(s) do you provide in practice?
  2. How is the service organized (staffing, reporting, oversight, finances)
  3. How did you arrive at the solution(s)?
  4. What are the lessons learnt?
  5. How could RDA support your research data activities?
  6. What is your recommendation to other libraries in one sentence (!) for establishing libraries for research data?
Please send your proposal (only Name, affiliation and title) as a response to this eMail to the three of us. We will apply a dynamic approach to the agenda to incorporate everything. No slides are needed but if you want slides, you can bring them to the session. 
See you in Amsterdam!
Wolfram Horstmann, Kathleen Sheerer and Michael Witt
(Co-Chairs of the RDA group "Libraries for Research Data“)