Change of Time -- Libraries for Research Data IG -- San Diego Agenda and Call for Contributors: Policies and Organizational Models

03 Mar 2015

NB -- Change of time

= Monday, 9 March 2015, 11:00-12:30h, Royal Room Salons III & IV =


Dear All

Here comes the San Diego agenda and a call for participation — your input is needed!

We also compiled a draft How-To on the basis of our last session on skills in Amsterdam that will be discussed at the meeting: How to Establish Research Data Solutions in Libraries (Draft). Alternatively, you may look at the activity overview.

= Agenda =


o   Welcome and session objectives (Wolfram Horstmann, Kathleen Shearer, Michael Witt)

o   Recap of the last session in Amsterdam: How to establish Research Data Solutions in Libraries (All)

o   Research Data Policies (Wolfram Horstmann)

o   Organizational Models (Michael Witt)

o   Charter, Working Groups and Cross-RDA Collaboration (Michael Witt and Wolfram Horstmann)


= Call for Contributors in „Research Data Policies“ =

Share your experience or anecdotes about developing and implementing research data policies, be it a university research data policy, a library preservation or collection development policy, a project policy for larger research clusters or a funder’s policy. Objective is to form a task force to develop a paper „How to implement research data policies in libraries“ If you are interested to contribute, please contact horstmann (at)


See you in San Diego!

Wolfram Horstmann, Kathleen Shearer and Michael Witt

(Co-Chairs of the RDA group "Libraries for Research Data“)