23 Things: Libraries for Research Data (Supporting Output)

23 Things: Libraries for Research Data

23 Things: Libraries for Research Data provides an overview of practical, free, online resources and tools that you can begin using today to incorporate research data management into your practice of librarianship from the Libraries for Research Data Interest Group of the Research Data Alliance. The document is available in 11 languages.

File Language
dx.doi.org/10.15497/RDA00005 English
dx.doi.org/10.15497/RDA00006 Arabic
dx.doi.org/10.15497/RDA00007 Russian
dx.doi.org/10.15497/RDA00008 Portuguese
dx.doi.org/10.15497/RDA00009 Korean
dx.doi.org/10.15497/RDA00010 Japanese
dx.doi.org/10.15497/RDA00011 Hindi
dx.doi.org/10.15497/RDA00012 French
dx.doi.org/10.15497/RDA00013 Spanish
dx.doi.org/10.15497/RDA00014 German
dx.doi.org/10.15497/RDA00015 Chinese


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