FAIR-IMPACT Call for Champions

21 Feb 2023
Groups audience: 

Dear colleagues,
We are still looking for a FAIR Champion on Agriculture and related areas !
Call to join the Group of EOSC FAIR Champions! Apply till 10 March!
Are FAIR policy & practices within your expertise? Do you have communication skills? Does it excite the idea of mobilising others to generate more FAIR data? FAIR-IMPACT gives you room to boost the sharing of FAIR data best practices across different disciplines, by joining the group of EOSC FAIR Champions.
The EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) FAIR Champions will be composed by highly visible experts actively engaged in analysing and shaping FAIR data policies and practices in their field. Each champion is engaged in identifying research data gaps and needs within their communities, to create broader engagement with FAIR, and to shape and disseminate the outcomes of the FAIR-IMPACT project.
To become yourself a FAIR Champion, fill in the form available at this page by 10th March 2023 17:00 CET. By becoming a Champion you will have the opportunity to:
* Shape the development and implementation of standards for data management in your discipline, that will allow the development of customised solutions for your "community" needs;
* Join a group of inspired influencers in shaping FAIR data policies and practices;
* Be a driver of competences and capacity in FAIR data principles uptake;
* Facilitate the organisation of a FAIR-IMPACT National workshop in your country;
* Contribute to reports on EOSC Governance by sharing your needs/challenges/ requirements.
What would be expected from you as a member? Some of the activities envisaged from the Champions are actively engaging with their community on FAIR-IMPACT developments, participating in webinars as invited speakers, joining events in Europe, meeting periodically through conference calls, amongst others.
More information about this call is available here. Do not hesitate to contact the FAIR-IMPACT team if you need further info. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
With kind regards,
Sophie Aubin
Chargée de projets Ontologies
Direction pour la Science Ouverte (DipSO)
02 41 22 56 57 / 06 67 86 87 06
42 rue George Morel
49070 Beaucouzé