GORC-WG October 27, 2022 meeting recap

27 Oct 2022
Groups audience: 

Hi everyone,

Thank you to those who attended the meeting this morning. We had some great discussions and clarifications regarding the task groups and managed to review KISTI KRDC and CCADI as well. I will be adding to the rolling notes key discussion points from the meeting, and the meeting recording is now available for viewing.

A key takeaway today is that the task groups are now formed and task group members should meet within the next couple of weeks to set a working schedule and mechanism between now and March 2023. Working group members are still encouraged to join the task groups, but please note that it is expected for work to begin between now and our meeting on November 24, 2022. We will aim for some task group discussion time in this meeting, but the priority is the presentation from NeiC.

The current task groups are:

  1. TG1: Governance Structures, Rules of Participation, Sustainability
    • Francoise Genova
    • Kheeran Dharmawaedena
  2. TG2: Engagement, Human Capacity
    • Sarah Jones
    • Elisha Wood-Charlson
    • Amy Nurmberger
  3. TG3: ICT Infrastructure, Research Objects
    • Andrew Treloar
    • Rory Macneil
  4. TG4: Interoperability, Standards
    • Mark Leggott
    • Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström
  5. TG5: Services and Tools
    • Karen Payne
    • Javier Lopez Albacete
    • Hans Pfeiffenberger

The task groups may shift and change over the next month as we settle into a working pattern. Please refer to the TG wiki for dynamic changes to the task group structure and membership.