Geospatial IG - Plenary 8

This page documents presentations and discussion at the 8th Plenary in Denver, USA, 2016-sep-16.


  • Welcome – Peter Baumann
  • Updates on Geospatial IG  - Suchith Anand (presented by Peter Baumann)
  • Updates on Open Geospatial Science - Vision 2030 - Suchith Anand (presented by Peter Baumann)
  • EarthServer: federating datacubes intercontinentally - Peter Baumann
  • Open discussions on Ideas for new WGs (eg in Transport Data)
  • Open discussions on Ideas for Training programs for Geospatial Data Science
  • Open discussions on Ideas for specific actions in Geospatial IG
  • Open discussions on expanding links with OGC


With 18 present, the following items were discussed:

  • Updates on Geospatial IG
  • Open Geospatial Science:
    • slide set
    • Peter Baumann reconfirms advantages of open science, but says "open vs closed" is not the only dimension to be considered: software is not per se good and useful (producing correct results, eg) because it is open, and privacy concerns my sometimes restrict openness.
    • response regarding OSGeo - Peter Baumann
  • EarthServer: federating datacubes intercontinentally:
  • New WGs:
    • discussion about Transport Data WG; several in the room are interested.
    • action item Peter Baumann: liaise all interested by email
  • further agenda items: no more discussion took place.