GEDE Repository Topic Group


There is currently much talk about repositories indicating the importance of repositories: 1) EC and the FAIR EG interim report put “trustworthy repositories” into the core of their documents, 2) CoreTrustSeal is about the certification of repositories, 3) GO FAIR discusses the relevance and tasks of repositories and the relation to FAIR data. 4) Finally the DO Interface Protocol describes an interaction between a client and a server - finally the servers will be some software acting within a repository to access the stored DOs.

There is an observation that there are different views about what a repository exactly is. The recently uploaded (in the GEDE share) document “About Digital Repositories” is meant to present functions and some views. There is definitively a sliding scale between two extremes: on the one hand a team taking care of all functions and on the other hand simply an organisation that allows to store bit sequences. Comments are requested until the end of next week to come to a widely agreed definition and task description and to understand what the views in the different ESFRIs are.

  • Procedure for a GEDE Repository Topic Group:
    1. Peter will create and distribute a questionnaire with a short introduction to ask for views and solutions from the various GEDE communities. We need to understand what the different ESFRIs are already doing, how they distribute responsibilities,
    2. He will also check who will participate in the interactions.
    3. Some interactions will lead to a draft survey overview in January 2019.

Further interactions in GEDE will lead to a report with agreed summarising statements which should become ready in May 2019.

Below a first set of documents is being added.

The co-chair of this activity is Peter Wittenburg supported by Zsuzsanna Szeredi. In case of questions or comments please send an email to Zsuzsanna (

Peter & Zsuzsanna