GEDE Digital Object Topic Group

GEDE Digital Object Topic Group

RDA GEDE Webworkshop

Adaptation of Repositories to the Digital Object Interface Protocol

22.5. 2019 from 16.00-18.00 CEST



Giridhar Manepalli (Director of Info. Mgmt. Technology, CNRI, Virginia), Christophe Bianchi (Executive Director DONA Foundation, Geneva), Rob Quick (Assoc. Dir. Science Gateway Research Center, Indiana University), Paul Trilsbeek (DOBES Archive Manager, MPI for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen), Peter Wittenburg (MPCDF, Garching/Munich)


Why should well-established repositories switch to supporting DOIP? What are the challenges for adapting to DOIP? How much effort does it take to adapt to DOIP? Which new possibilities will be opened?

Documents will be added below.

Many acitivities  in the recent two years have shown the broad interest in making use of the Digital Object concept to organise the domains of digital entities (data, metadata, software, etc.) in the various scientific communities and to better understand its relevance for implementing the basic federation layer of the EOSC. The GEDE DO group will actively guide the discussions about the use of DOs in Europe, foster the interaction with the global C2CAMP group of "implementers" and through C2CAMP collaborate closely with the GOFAIR initiative. These collaborations and the report of EEC's FAIR Implementation Expert Group led to the use of the term "FAIR-Digital Object - FAIR-DO" to indicate the close relationship between the FAIR principles and the DO concept. Actually the term FAIR-DO goes back to what the RDA DFT group defined in 2014.

The activities the GEDE DO Topic Group has been carried out and will continue with are:

  • Writing a document with basic assertions DOs for further discussion within the GEDE DO which is being discussed (see below).
  • Working on a Roadmap document that outlines the kind of implementation work that is required to come to a DO based federation testbed and that also will inform interested parties about how to participate.
  • Virtual Meetings of the GEDE DO group will be organised at least every two months.
  • Organising workshops (Brussel 2018, Philadelphia 2019). For more information on the Brussels workshop look here.
  • Organising webinars about DOs (December 2018, January 2019, next coming in May 2019) with well-known speakers and excellent presentations and discussions. For the slides see below in the attached documents.
  • Writing a proposal for a DO-based networking project which was supported by about 130 experts from many different initiatives.
  • Looking for opportunities in Europe to get funding support for its implementation activities as was supported during our visits in Brussels (it should be noted here that the US colleagues already got 2 grants).
  • Doing a survey on Scientific DO Use Cases (currently 34 contributions to bee summarised in the paper on scientific views on DO (see paper 3)
  • Doing a repository adaptation study - what is needed to adapt to DOIP V2.0?
  • Writing and distributing papers on DO related matters:
    1. Wittenburg & Strawn: Common Patterns in Revolutionary Infrastructures and Data,
    2. Wittenburg, Strawn, Mons, Bonino, Schultess: Digital Objects as Drivers towards Covergence in Data Infrastructures, 
    3. Koureas, de Smedt & Wittenburg editing a paper on DOs from a scientific view with contributions from interested people.
    4. Schultes & Wittenburg writing a paper on the relationship between the DO concept and the FAIR principles (in writing).
    5. Strawn: Open Science, Business Analytics, and FAIR Digital Objects
    6. Schultes & Wittenburg: FAIR Principles and Digital Objects: Accelerating Convergence on a Data Infrastructure
    7. DONA: DOIP V2.0 (

Since the number of documents and activities about DO/FAIR-DO and to promot discussions wee decided to setup a Github site which then will cover all details.

In case of interest you can participate in the following activities:

  • get involved in implementing DO/FAIR-DO aspects
  • participate in the science use case survey to bee mentioned in paper 3
  • get involved in the DO/FAIR-DO network and participate in the coming calls
  • co-organise a workshop or webinar on DOs or get support for your plans (GEDE will offer help)
  • participat in the Repository-Adaptation study

The GEDE DO topic group is being co-chaired by Dimitris Koureas, Koenrad de Smedt and Peter Wittenburg and is assisted by Zsuzsanna Szeredi. In case of questions or comments please send an email to Zsuzsanna (

Dimitris, Koenraad, Peter & Zsuzsanna