RDA FDI WG in the CWP Tuna RFMOs Workshop organized by FAO

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14 Mar 2018 UTC

RDA FDI WG in the CWP Tuna RFMOs Workshop organized by FAO

14 Mar 2018

Fisheries Data Interoperability Working Group (FDI WG) will participate in the technical workshop on global harmonization of Tuna fisheries statistics that is organzied under the Coordinating Working Party (CWP) Task Group on Reference Harmonization for capture fisheries and aquaculture. The overall aim of the harminzation of data stucture and related refrence data to lay basis for establishing data-sharing arrangements between agencies involved in fisheries statistics data workflow. This is expected to reduce data reporting burden for data producers and to improve data quality by mainstreaming the cross-checking and reconciliation of information from national sources.

The Workshop will be held from 19 to 22 March 2018 in FAO- HQ, Rome. The preospectus and agenda are available here http://www.fao.org/fishery/nems/41008/en

The FDI WG memebrs (Aymen Charef and Emmanuel Blondel) will present: Data exchange standards in the context of fisheries data (SDMX and UN/CEFACT FLUX), and standards of GIS data and metadata interoperability (e.g OGC).