IMPORTANT NOTICE: New Group mailing list

10 Oct 2018

Dear Group members,

On 8 October 2018, the RDA BioSharing Registry: connecting data policies, standards & databases in life sciences Working Group was renamed. Its new name is FAIRSharing Registry: connecting data policies, standards & databases RDA Working Group. This change was approved by RDA Council following interaction with RDA Technical Advisory Board and the Working Group Co-chairs. The group name change reflects the broader constituency and potential user base of the working group recommendation, which goes beyond the biosciences community.


The new group mailing list

For this reason, the group mailing list changed, too. Starting from tomorrow, 11 October 2018, the new Group mailing list is No emails will be archived, accepted or delivered to the old mailing list due to the configuration with the new name. We kindly invite you to take note of this change.


Sara, on behalf of RDA Secretariat