Update: FAIR4RS WG subgroups consultation March 2021

29 Mar 2021

Dear all, 

We would like to acknowledge all the contributors of the recent consultation aimed at discussing the results of the FAIR4RS subgroups and relevant previous work. We presented a synthesis of the subgroups’ work, a comparison with previous work, questions, figures, and references to receive your feedback. This consultation was successful and served to highlight points where there is consensus, those that need further clarification, and more complex issues that will require resolution in defining FAIR for research software. See deposit with the following DOI http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4635410.

Moving on, a new document will be developed using your feedback to help define a draft set of FAIR principles for research software. This document will be developed through a series of sprints before being presented at the RDA VP17 for discussion (On April 21st Breakout 4). There will also be other (free) opportunities to engage with this draft set of principles before release in mid-2021. 


FAIR4RS WG Steering Committee