Training Materials

Training Materials


Collection of already existing training materials, will be extended based on



Types: slide set, “textbook”, report/article, recording, demonstrator, tutorial, …


Title & short description




FAIR DO Cookbook:
step-by-step guidance and good practice integrating the FAIR DO concept. The implications of creating a new data type in terms of effort, reusability and validation are analysed and described.


Thomas Jejkal, Andreas Pfeil

FAIR DO Testbed:

creation, modification, and validation of FAIR DOs. This out-of-the-box infrastructure based on Docker allows to gain first experiences with FAIR DOs, either using real PIDs or with sandboxed PIDs for testing purposes.


Andreas Pfeil

Short videos with experts introducing key concepts



Peter Wittenburg

Demonstrators and RDA Project Shares: presentations of test beds, operational FDO setups, …

Recordings, slides, … 

RDA FAIR DO Fabric IG, FAIR DO Forum, …

Exemplary FAIR DOs, e.g. for AI, tomography raw data, etc


Not available yet


RO-Crate, workflows and FAIR Digital Objects 

Recording, slides

[video recording], [slides]

Stian Soiland-Reyes

FAIR Signposting intro 

Herbert van de Sompel

Here is an example of a entry level website introducing PIDs

Website and links etc 

Joe Padfield

FDO Forum 


Use Cases demonstrating additional scientific value. (Practical application of ideas)