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13 Jun 2018

Hello all,
Thank you Oya for introducing my proposal, and my apologies for not responding on the mailing list sooner!
I approached the IG chairs last week with an idea concerning a code of conduct on responsible data management, something a little similar to the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity (https://wcrif.org/guidance/singapore-statement), but with a more specific focus. I thought that it might be discussed in Botswana, and perhaps something that could be developed into an RDA working group proposal. Please find the content of the e-mail detailing this idea copy-pasted below. I would much appreciate everyone’s thoughts on this.
It looks like I will be discussing this issue with CODATA Executive Director Simon Hodson and CODATA Data Policy Committee Chair Paul Uhlir in a telcon on the 18th to determine next steps, so all ideas on collaboration and possible directions to pursue before that date are especially welcome.
Best regards,
The copy-pasted e-mail:
My name is Heidi Laine and I’m from University of Helsinki, Finland. I am likely attending the International Data Week in my role of the secretary of the Finnish Committee for Research Data, a national committee of CODATA. I am also a member of the CODATA Data Policy Committee (DPC), where I have been lately trying to sell the idea of DPC/CODATA taking an initiative in creating a code of conduct (CoC) on responsible data management. The idea has been received with positive interest, but no concrete action has yet been taken. You can find here a memo I created for the DPC to inform the discussion: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VkBAwgCAY2nC1HcRA5tGVYQXByVtFkiMTj9a...
In my view an RDA plenary and especially the Ethics and Social Aspects IG would be the ideal context for moving the discussion towards action, perhaps eventually into an RDA working group, where different stakeholders could together draft a code of conduct for research data.
The idea for a code of conduct came to me first while following discussions around the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The regulation introduces a possibility for stakeholders to create codes of conduct that their members can adhere to and thus show that they are in compliance with the GDPR. There are already in the works a number of codes that address specific aspects of scientific research, such as medical research, but to my knowledge nothing on a more general level. There are so many fields of research that use data with personal information, social sciences and humanities obviously, but also fields that use and produce any kind of location data, citizen observations etc. that would need attention as well.
But the CoC needn’t be written only with the European regulation in mind. To me incidents with social media data, like in the ones involving OK Cupid data or Facebook data (the Cambridge Analytica case), show that there is significant gaps in understanding among the research community about ethical aspects and implications of data management. In my view we need a sort of a Singapore Statement (https://wcrif.org/statement) focused on principles of data management. Such document could serve many purposes: educate researchers, establish data management as a key research integrity & ethics issue, act as a CoC in the context of the European GDPR, and help local actors advocate for awareness, policy development and resources in their own communities and to their local decision makers.
The reason why I am so invested in this is that I am working on a PhD project on research integrity in the context of Open Science. I have previously worked for the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity and I’m a member of the Open Knowledge Finland, which is the main organizer behind the MyData movement and conference: https://mydata2018.org/
Please let me know if this is something you find worth exploring. I am available for presenting the idea at the upcoming plenary, but I feel no ownership over the matter, it’s just something I’d really like to see happen, regardless of my involvement. I will also be happy to act as a liaison towards the DPC. Me approaching you is a spontaneous reaction on my part to Oya’s recent inquiry on the mailing list about attendance in Botswana, so at this time I’m operating in a strictly individual capacity. However, I’m sure that the DPC will be supportive of this action if you choose to pursue it. The next DPC telcon is coming Wednesday the 13th, where I will be happy to bring this topic up.
Also please feel free to forward this e-mail to the IG mailing list if you want to test the idea there.
Thank you in advance for your thoughts!
Best regards,
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Dear Jane ,
Do you have any contact with EU Trust project ? Otherwise I can try to contact with the project coordinator.
Any participation from drone community will be welcomed. Their contribution might be very valuable for the code of conduct discussion.
Best wishes
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Subject: Re: [ethics-social-aspects-ig] RDA P12 - Botswana call for sessions
I'll be there and interested to attend any session this group organises.
I'm an engineer so very much an observer (researcher in need of outputs :) in this group, but just cause their San code of research ethics made a splash last year and that's particularly relevant to Southern Africa - I'm wondering if the EU trust project is represented in RDA? Could use this session to make connections particularly with their African projects if not?
And then with drone hat on again: this group is obviously doing many things far beyond just drones but we're wo! rking on a number of external efforts that should attract drone researchers to IDW as a whole so if of any relevance this is the 'data ethics guideline' werobotics uses. I'm still hoping to have 1 of their Tanzanian staff join us for all events.
Jane Wyngaard, PhD
Data Science Technologist
Centre for Research Computing
University of Notre Dame
On Sun, Jun 10, 2018 at 2:22 AM, oyabeyan <***@***.***-aachen.de> wrote:
Thank you all for your replies.
Anthony and Ingvill will be at the Botswana (still I am not sure about myself) to help us to run the session.
Heidi Laine suggested to discuss the “ Code of Conduct on responsible data management” as a topic. This will be highly relevant since European GDPR introduces the possibility to create code of conducts for the stakeholders. @Heidi , would you like to share your current work?
Another possibility could be to reach out researchers from Africa and dis! cuss their views on data protection and ethical use of data.
If you have any suggestion as discussion topic, please share with us. The call deadline is at the 29th of June. Before that I will try to incorporate ideas coming from the group.
Kind regards,
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Subject: Re: [ethics-social-aspects-ig] RDA P12 - Botswana call for sessions
I will be attending Botswana. I would be happy to assist in organizing any portion of the session.
Thank you,
Anthony Juehne
On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 7:20 AM oyabeyan <***@***.***-aachen.de> wrote:
Dear group members,
Next plenary meeting will be at Botswana and call for sessions are open
Do you have any plans to travel ? Please let me know if you are planning to join
Kind regards
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  • Kate LeMay's picture

    Author: Kate LeMay

    Date: 21 Jun, 2018

    Hi all.
    Related to Heidi's code of conduct suggestion. In Australia, we have
    an Australian
    Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research
    . A new version has
    just been released. It is owned by Universities Australia, which represents
    all of the Universities, and the two government funders of research, ARC
    and NHMRC. The new Code is a short principles based document and they are
    developing 'better practice guides' to go along with the Code, which are
    co-authored with domain experts. Our organisation has been working with UA,
    ARC and NHRMC to write a 'data management better practice guide'. It will
    hopefully be coming out for public consultation in the next few months.
    Which, given bureaucracy, means that the final version probably won't be
    available until at least mid next year I would think.
    The Code has a few bits about data management.
    - An institutional responsibility to "Provide access to facilities for
    the safe and secure storage and management of research data, records and
    primary materials and, where possible and appropriate, allow access and
    - A researcher responsibility to "Retain clear, accurate, secure and
    complete records of all research including research data and primary
    materials. Where possible and appropriate, allow access and reference to
    these by interested parties."
    Anyway, just an FYI really about our national policies.
    *Kate LeMay*
    Senior Research Data Specialist | *Australian Research Data Commons*
    E: ***@***.*** | W: ardc.edu.au
    Physical address: 9 Liversidge Street, Australian National University,
    Acton, ACT 2601
    Postal address: 101 Liversidge Street, Australian National University,
    Acton, ACT 2601
    Twitter: @katelemayardc ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0002-2405-7365
    I work Tuesday-Friday 9am-2:30pm
    *Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail. *

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