RE: Focus Group on Learning Outcomes

07 Sep 2023

Hi everyone .
We kicked off the focus group and have developed a set of provisional
objective themes:
* Definitions and purpose for learning outcomes and -objectives

dmT2BObM/edit> ,
* Taxonomy and guidance, including verb tables, for developing
learning outcomes

QK4-Mu3s/edit> ,
* Minimum Viable Outcomes, and defining core work role requirements

ux-nkSTc/edit> ,
* Interoperability for defining course and learning outcome structure

4UoTNCCw/edit> .
We will also be meeting on the first Monday of every month at 13h30 UTC.
Please do join us, and please also contribute to the documents covering each
of the themes linked above.
Our initial objective for these themes is to collate a literature review to
test these ideas, and the state of existing knowledge / capacity.
You will find the meeting notes and links to group docs here:
Thanks and regards
Gavin Chait
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Subject: Focus Group on Learning Outcomes
Hi everyone .
It's taken a little time, but the proposed focus group on learning outcomes
has started moving. We're intending to hold a kickoff meeting to scope our
objectives during the week of either 4 or 11 September, and we'd very much
appreciate your joining us.
For context: Learning Outcomes - Further material documentation/metadata for
data curation in research should include learning outcomes which demonstrate
data probity, attribution, and process, including differentiation based on
discipline, data type, methodology, etc (e.g., quantitative vs qualitative;
archaeology vs zoology; required restrictions).
I've set up a doc with some initial information here:
At the bottom of the doc is a provisional agenda and a "Doodle" for you to
indicate your availability to meet. Please also include your contact details
under "Collaborators" so we can include you in correspondence.
Thanks and I look forward to meeting everyone
Gavin Chait
Lead Data Scientist | Whythawk: the open data professionals
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