Maturity and Resourcing Survey for Digital Preservation

24 Apr 2018

The Digital Preservation Oxford and Cambridge (DPOC) project in collaboration with the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has developed a short survey intended to gather information from collecting and research organisations around the world who have a remit to manage digital content. The survey has a particular focus on staffing resources, but also briefly covers policy, strategy, and maturity modelling.

We are aware that concrete information for benchmarking institutions against their peers - particularly in regards to maturity and staffing resources - is required by those looking to make the case for digital preservation within their organisations. We are interested in obtaining figures from institutions around the world, regardless of an institution’s size or whether any digital preservation effort has already commenced. We are particularly keen to obtain information from institutions based outside of the USA.

We would be very grateful if you would take the time to fill out our survey:

The survey should take between 10-20 minutes to complete. Deadline for survey responses is: 31 May 2018

(Though we would very much appreciate input earlier than this date.)


Anonymised raw data will be shared via the DPOC website for all in the digital preservation community to use, in August 2018:

Any questions about the survey can be directed to:

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