Focus Group on Learning Outcomes

15 Aug 2023

Hi everyone .
It's taken a little time, but the proposed focus group on learning outcomes
has started moving. We're intending to hold a kickoff meeting to scope our
objectives during the week of either 4 or 11 September, and we'd very much
appreciate your joining us.
For context: Learning Outcomes - Further material documentation/metadata for
data curation in research should include learning outcomes which demonstrate
data probity, attribution, and process, including differentiation based on
discipline, data type, methodology, etc (e.g., quantitative vs qualitative;
archaeology vs zoology; required restrictions).
I've set up a doc with some initial information here:
At the bottom of the doc is a provisional agenda and a "Doodle" for you to
indicate your availability to meet. Please also include your contact details
under "Collaborators" so we can include you in correspondence.
Thanks and I look forward to meeting everyone
Gavin Chait
Lead Data Scientist | Whythawk: the open data professionals
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